‘The Art Room’

We are sculpting some pop art inspired letters to spell ‘The Art Room’!
A mixed Age group of pupils are making modroc sculpted letters – first drawing out their letter onto cardboard, then using newspaper to create the depth or ‘filling’ and finally carefully covering the form with the plaster-bandage…


Creating crazy animals

A mixed group of children from year 1 to 6 are working together to develop their fine motor skills. We enjoyed cutting up photocopies of etching prints of different animals and collating them back together to create crazy creatures! Then we created an enlarged image of our crazy creature using a black fibre tip pen. We looked at the different lines and patterns we could see on the etching…

Garden of drawing-Team HB

Following our work looking at lines in land art, Team HB are exploring making different types of lines using oil pastels as a resist and water colour washes over the top.


Team HB’s lines and circles…

We looked at land art made by artists Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. Many different materials were used to create lines outside in the landscape and inside in galleries. Here are some of our paper collage circles!


Stone Age vessels

Pupils collected information about the forms and decoration of Stone Age vessels in their sketch books – and created their own coil built pots and decorated them with underglaze colours.


Stone Age! Team MP

Team MP created their own sketchbooks with textured collage covers. We thought about how rocks and stones are formed by the elements and minerals. We used the double primary range of colours to mix ‘tertiary’ or ‘earth’ colours.